Unplanned is way more fun!

Good morning everyone,

It's raining at the moment and will continue raining for another 3 hours or so...then, the rain should stop and it'll clear up a bit. The high today will be 16C, still pretty nice for the first day of December! Then tomorrow the mercury will plunge down to a high of only 7C with the rest of the week looking at highs around 10C and lows all week will be between 1C and 3C.

Have you ever noticed that the parties that you are looking forward to the least often turn out to be the most fun? That happened to me last night. Yesterday the race went well. I was able to finish the 15k race in 1:13:01 (that's one hour and thirteen minutes and one second). My goal was anytime under 1:15, so I was happy considering I didn't really have time to train properly. The biggest problem is that my legs are feeling stiff today!

After the race, we all went home and then met up again for drinks and dinner. It was really fun! One of the people who ran with us came all the way from Fukushima, so we decided to head to an izakaya that served Hiroshima food. No, not okonomiyaki! ha ha! Instead, we went to a place that served many dishes from the Seto Inland Sea. Our whole meal was fish pretty much...in fact, now that I think about it, it was 100% seafood. We didn't eat any meat or vegetables! We had some funky seafood (a lot of times in English we'll use the word 'fish' to mean all types of seafood-so if someone says, "I don't eat fish", don't offer them scallops or shrimp either! Ha ha!)...anyway, like I was saying, we had some funky seafood like namako and shiroko and we also had more standard fare like scallops and oysters.

The biggest hit by far was 'eihire' which was dried and then we put it on a charcoal grill for a minute or two. I think we must have ordered it about 5 times! It felt like we did, when we got the bill anyway! Ha ha!

We chatted and laughed and I can't remember the last time I laughed so much! It was so much fun...and to think that I was so tired that I considered giving it a miss...I'm glad I didn't!

How about you? Have you ever almost cancelled or not turned up to a party only to have it turn out to be really fun?

Have a great day!

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