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Well, we all knew the cold weather was coming, but I have to admit that it was still a bit of shock when I opened the door and felt the winter wind on my face. And today is looking a bit cooler and if that wasn't enough, there's a good chance we may see some snow tonight or overnight and into tomorrow morning. Yep, two days ago it was 17C and sunny (it feels like a lifetime, eh?) and today we're looking at snow...lows all week will hover between 1C and 4C and highs will be around 10C. Other than today and tomorrow morning, they aren't calling for any that's a good thing I guess.

Being the kind of person who always seems to be rushing somewhere, I don't really get a chance to appreciate the lights at Hiroshima's Dreamination. All I do is get annoyed by the crowds! Ha ha! (of course I'm kidding, I love Dreamination) The other day I saw a white horse and carriage going down the street and while it made the bus ride really long, I didn't mind. It was nice to see.

Of course, the most famous winter illumination in Japan is the Kobe Luminarie. This will be its 19th year-can you believe that, in January, it will have been 20 years since the Great Hanshin Earthquake? The Luminarie was started the following winter (which is why the illumination is one year behind the anniversary of the disaster) to put the victims' souls to rest and to pray for the restoration of Kobe.

The busiest illumination is, naturally, in Tokyo. The one at Tokyo Midtown attracts 5.6 million visitors every year. They use around 500,000 LED bulbs to light up the area and give you the feeling that you're in space. It looks kind of cool actually-although I don't think it's nearly as romantic as the Kobe Luminarie or Hiroshima's own Dreamination.

What is romantic is the illumination at Tokyo Beach in Odaiba. They have futuristic moving panels and amazing light shows, but what must be the biggest hit is the "Decks Tokyo Beach Heart". It's a light display that allows you take a picture inside a cute heart with Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge all in the background! Try telling me that any young couple could resist that! No way! I'm not so young and I'd like to do it! ha ha!
decks tokyo beach
Do you have a favorite winter illumination that I missed? Or a special memory from one of the ones I mentioned?

Have a great day!

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