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Are you enjoying this weather? If not, I've got some bad news because it's going to be like this for the next three and a half months or so...ha ha! Yep, winter is here and it's not going away. Highs for the next two days will be 8C and then it'll warm up a bit and we'll see more seasonal highs in the low to mid teens for the rest of the weekend and into next week...the good news is that there is no more rain in the forecast.

Are you concerned about your digital footprint? Or the amount of time you spend looking at Lolcats? You’re not the only one — Oxford Dictionaries has added both terms to its online dictionary in its largest ever quarterly update.

A total of 1,000 new entries have been added to the Oxford Dictionary this year, so if you thought learning English was difficult before, the addition of a thousand new words probably doesn't help, does it?

New official vocabulary includes the aforementioned “digital footprint” and “lolcat”, in addition to the adjective “mahoosive”, a variation on the word “massive”.


Busy office workers will already be familiar with the term “al desko”, which means eating in front of your computer, while selfie fans will be delighted to see the pouty expression “duck face” included in the list.

selfies duck and sparrow

The above photo shows 'duck face' and 'sparrow face'. I don't know the history behind making these faces, but I swear they must have started in Japan. I see these looks all the time here! 

“Well jel” (very jealous), “man crush” (an “intense and typically non-sexual admiration felt by one man for another”), and “five-second rule” (a nifty concept meaning that it is socially acceptable to eat food dropped on the floor for that amount of time or less) also made the cut.

Abbreviations were also big news this quarter, with IDC (“I don’t care”), PMSL (“pissing myself laughing”) and WTAF (“what the actual f*ck”).

Do you think you'll have a chance to use any of these new words? I don't know if I'll use them! They sound like words mostly used by young be honest though, I've heard friends use the term 'man crush' and 'duckface' before. 'Well jel' seems a bit like a women's phrase to me. I've never heard of 'al desko' but that's hilarious! It is taken from the French 'al fresco' which means to eat outside'. I eat 'al desko' everyday! Ha ha!

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