Christmas Party

Good morning everyone,

Well, we've got two more days of below normal temperatures before we see highs return to the low teens. I hope I can make it! It's a chilly ride to work in the mornings! Lows have been around 2C for the past few days and those will continue till the end of the weekend. There's also a chance that we may see some rain later on in the week-Thursday or so...I hope it's ok on Tuesday. I need to get out for a proper run. I 'm going to go for a 20km run along Ota River. If you happen to be out Tuesday morning and see me putting (moving slowly) along the river, honk and say 'hi'! I may need the motivation!
Speaking of motivation, it's the same thing as usual for me this time of year. I just don't quite have that Christmas feeling yet, so it's hard for me to start thinking about decorating for Christmas (which I finally did yesterday) or to start planning for the Christmas Party (which also got underway yesterday).
christmas banner 4
I haven't hammered out all of the details of what will actually happen at the party (it depends on the number of attendees) but here is the plan...    
christmas banner 3
We're having a  Christmas Party on Monday December 22nd and it'll go from 6:30 till 9ish (officially it'll end at 9, but we may go a little late...). It'll have food (from Costco-but hey! I love Costco's food!) and drinks (beer, wine, sparkling wine and soft drinks) and Christmas cake.
There will be activities again-but don't ask me what (they'll be different from last year though)! Those are the things I'm most worried about organizing! Ha ha!

There will be a gift exchange, so please bring a gift with a value of around ¥1000.
gift giving
The fee for the food and drink hasn't changed since last year-it'll cost ¥2000 per person. That price includes the food, drinks and activities.
christmas banner 2
Of course you don't have to be a student at my school to join, and my current students can also bring friends if you like-but you do need to sign up (so I know how many people are coming). You can sign up by calling the school or while you're at the school or by commenting on this post.

By the way, I'm still having trouble with my email. It seems to work if you type it in directly, but the link from my website isn't working...if you're not sure, please call!

Have a great day and I hope to see you at the party!
christmas banner 1
PS Sorry, Santa won't be joining us this year either...and I promise I'll play a song at NEXT YEAR'S Christmas Party. ha ha!

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