Gaijin Pressure

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday was another gorgeous early winter day. It was cold, but it was so sunny! Today will start out that way, but if you're going to be out late, you'd better take your umbrella. It may start raining at some point late this evening. It'll rain tomorrow too. Then it should be nice for Friday and the weekend before we see cloudy or rainy weather return for the beginning of next week. Highs for the next couple of days will be warm-around 14C, before it drops off, heading back down to below 10C on Friday.

A lot of times, foreigners living in Japan will be able to take advantage of their differentness. We call it the 'Gaijin White Card'. It means that we can get away with doing things that a Japanese person couldn't, because we are foreigners. It's very convenient sometimes! Ha ha! Even though I know I should do certain things in Japanese society, I don't and nobody calls me out on it because they think, "Ahhh...he's a foreigner so he doesn't understand Japanese culture'.  It's very handy! Ha ha!

But we also have a little pressure sometimes because I feel like Japanese people see me as a representative of 'the West'. I'm expected to know about customs from every country west of Russia and south of Indonesia! Ha ha! And when popular Western days come up, I feel like I'm being watched closely. Take Christmas for example, I want to hang a Christmas wreath on my door, However, because I'm a foreigner I know my neighbours will be thinking, "Ahhh! So, this is what a typical Westerner does at Christmas time! Wow! That's interesting!'. So, if I hang a cheap-looking one, they'll be disappointed! Ha ha! But there's no way I can buy a 'typical' one in Japan without spending two or three times what I would pay back home. (That's not going to happen!)

So, instead I don't hang a wreath up at all...well, until this year. I'm going to look for a nice  wreath to hang on my door and I'm going to see if I can do it without breaking the bank...I'll let you know how it goes!

Have a great day!

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