Back in touch with the world!

Good morning everyone,

Today should be pretty much the same as yesterday, minus the rain, with a high of around 11C. Tomorrow and Sunday will be a mix of sun and clouds with highs around 8C both days. Monday and Tuesday may see rain-there's a 40% chance-along with highs around 10C both days. From Wednesday, the mercury will plummet and they're calling for a high of only 5C on Wednesday and Thursday. Oh! By the way, the Japanese Meteorological Agency has officially declared the start of El Nino. It wasn't totally unexpected and it's hard to say how it'll affect us in Japan. It usually means droughts in Australia and flooding in South America. It's caused by a cyclical warming of the Pacific Ocean. So, will it be warmer this winter? I hope so! Ha ha!

Another hope I have is that people who emailed me three weeks ago forgive me for not emailing them back! I finally got my email back up and running.

I'll send a quick email to all my students who had sent me an email while it was down (there weren't that many...maybe 4 or 5) just to let them know that they can email me again. Luckily, most people went ahead and called me or contacted me another way, so it wasn't too bad.

The big question is what should I do about the prospective students who emailed me while it was down? For the ones who have emailed me in the past few days, it's an easy answer. Of course I'll email them. But what about those who emailed me over a week ago or even two weeks ago? Naturally, I can send them an email explaining about how my server was down, but it still seems unprofessional. Or maybe they've given up and have already found another school? Then, if I email them, it might annoy them...but if I don't email them at all, they might tell their friends not to bother contacting me, because I don't reply....ahhh....decisions, decisions.

What I'll likely do is send a very short apology letter to the people who got in touch with me while my server was down and put the ball back in their court. If they contact me again, great! If not, that's ok too.

Either way, it's nice to have one less thing to worry about. Now, I just have to worry about my it falling out faster than it was before? Ha ha!

Have a great day!

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