ICYMI December 14th, 2014 version

Good morning everyone,

Did it snow somewhere yesterday? When I went to bed on Friday night, I was expecting to wake up to tons of snow on the ground...what I got was, a bit of rain. It was very disappointing! As for today and tomorrow? Well, it'll be warm both days with today being a mix of sun and clouds and tomorrow being mostly cloudy. On Tuesday they are calling for rain with a high of 11C and then Wednesday is still looking like the coldest day of the week with the high expected to get up to only 3C! Winter is definitely here!

This week's catch-up on what's been happening...
Another cooked bug found in processed food

A Japanese noodle maker has closed its doors after a second bug was found in a package of pre-cooked noodles. I'm so glad that I stopped eating 'cup noodles' years ago! I can't remember the last time I had them...
Kidnappings involving children under 13 exceeds 100 for first time in 9 years

The number of kidnapping cases involving children 13 years old and younger this year has exceeded 100 cases for the first time in 9 years. I'm guessing this is meant to scare us (and it does a little), but there aren't many details. Were they kidnapped by strangers? Or by estranged parents?
Voter turnout may sink to new record low Sunday

The turnout for Sunday's election may plunge to a record low. Some survey companies are even claiming that the percentage of people who vote may fall below 50%! (The lowest turnout ever in Japan was 59%) If the number falls below 50%, it will make it difficult for the LDP to push through unpopular bills regardless of how many seats they win.
Japan's Empress attends Belgium Queen's funeral

Japan's Empress Michiko has attended the funeral of Belgium's Queen Fabiola at the Saint Michael and Saint Gudula Cathedral in Brussels. There was no word on why she was not accompanied by the Emperor. Does he have health issues?
Japan to ease restrictions on gun ownership

Do you think Japan is safe? Well, me too. But this news doesn't make me feel any safer! Japan's National Police Agency decided Thursday to ease restrictions on gun ownership with the aim of making it easier for people to obtain or renew gun carry permits.

And that's what you may have missed this past week!

By the way, don't forget about the Christmas Party on the 22nd! I need to know if you're coming by the Sunday beforehand (so I can buy food and drinks)!

Have a great day!

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