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Good morning everyone,

So, my plans about going for a run? Yeah...I don't think so. It's cold, it's raining. To be honest, there are just too many things that can go wrong-I could hit by a car (it's still dark), I could slip and fall, I could catch a cold...all of these make the plan to go for a run riskier than the benefit from going for a run. They are saying that it'll stop raining around noon and tomorrow will be cloudy and cold. They are still calling for a high of only 4C tomorrow and cloudy skies. Thursday will be slightly warmer (?) with a high of 7C, but it'll be sunny so it might feel warmer. The weekend will see highs climb back up to around 10C or so, but there's a slight chance of rain on Saturday.

Christmas Eve in Japan is the biggest date night of the year. Couples go to see festive Christmas lights, have a nice dinner and exchange gifts; the night really matters. But about those gifts…

How much money are you planning on spending on your significant other this holiday season? How much are you expecting them to spend on you? If you’re single, how much do you think your future girlfriend would want you to dish out for a Christmas present? A recent poll gives us a great insight into how much we should probably be spending.

According to a study, of the 536 unmarried women surveyed, 48.9 percent do not expect their significant others (or potential ones) to spend more than 10,000 yen (US$100). That’s good news, right guys? Some of these women cite “the feeling” behind the gift as more important that actual item. The bad news for those of you on a budget is that 42.6 percent expect their loved one to cause some serious damage to their wallets with gifts between 10-30,000 yen (US$100-300). They more or less think, “If they have the money, they’d better spend it.”

Thankfully for Japanese men, there are fewer girls expecting gifts over 30,000 yen.


Here’s the complete breakdown of the results of how much Japanese girls expect their partners to spend on them:

5,000 yen ($50) or less: 11.8%
5,000- 10,000 yen: 37.1%
10-30,000 yen: 42.6%
30-50,000 yen: 6.7%
Over 50,000 yen: 1.9%

This explains a lot about why I can't keep a girlfriend! Ha ha! Ok..but, seriously...that's a lot of money to spend on Christmas, isn't it? The poll doesn't mention anything about it? But do they expect the same for their birthday too?

I guess my offer to go on a 1000 yen shopping spree at Daiso wasn't such a good idea after all...hmmm...and Christmas Dinner at KFC wasn't the hit I was expecting it to be. I might need to rethink my Christmas Eve dating strategy...ha ha!

But, before that, it looks like I'll be eating miso soup and bean sprouts till then so I can save enough money for Christmas shopping! Ha ha!

Have a great day!

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