It's called 'winter'...

Good morning everyone,

The weather will remain cool today and tomorrow and then it'll warm up on Saturday-unfortunately that warm weather will bring rain with it. Then on Sunday, it'll cool down and we won't see a nice warm sunny day till Tuesday when we are expecting a high of 13C and mostly sunny skies.

Trust me-I know how cold it was yesterday. I rode my bike to work. It was snowy, windy and temperatures must have been just above 0C. Visibility was low at times too with blowing snow making it hard to see more than a few metres.

But don't you think that people have really short memories these days? It seems like every time the season changes or a storm is coming or we experience some extreme weather, people say, "I've never seen (fill in blank here) like this before!".  They would say things like, "I've never seen wind like this before!" or "I'm 80 years old and I've never seen such heavy snow before!" or "It's never been this hot before!".

It seems like recently we've forgotten that the seasons change every year. Typhoons come every year. The summers are hot. The winters are cold. It rains. It snows.

That's what Mother Nature does. Can you remember how many times we heard the past year that the 'storm of the century' is coming! Or this will be the 'hottest day of the decade'. I swear that the media just needs something to fill their pages so they write headlines that scream at the reader. "IT'S HOT! BE CAREFUL!" or "IT'S COLD! BE CAREFUL!". It makes us, the readers, think that the weather every day is more ______ than yesterday which was more _______ than the day before that. They have their reporters stand in the cold, snowy, windy, rainy weather just to show us how 'bad' it is, when it doesn't look any worse than a lot of days. Ha ha!

And this isn't unique to Japan. The Canadian media is also very good at making us think that the weather is always worse than it was last year...

So, yeah, yesterday was snowy and cold, but in the 6 years I've been riding my bike to work, it is definitely in the top 10 snowiest days, but it wasn't even close to the worst!

Having said all of that, make sure you bundle up today! It's going to be colder than yesterday was! Ha ha!

Have a great day!

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