January 1st Plans

Good morning everyone,

Today is going to start out sunny and then cloud over, but we aren't expected to get any rain. Tomorrow will be a mix of sun and clouds and highs will be 9C today and a brisk 7C tomorrow. Tuesday and Wednesday will be a bit nicer, again with a mix of sun and clouds, but both days will see highs around 12C. The rest of the week won't be too bad either...but unfortunately it won't be a white Christmas here in Hiroshima City...no surprise really-there hasn't been one since I moved here! Ha ha!

Every year I wonder how I'm going to spend New Year's Day. Staying at home all day is way too boring for me and there is no way in the world you could drag me to a shrine to pray (I do it at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve) or downtown to go shopping! Both places are insanely busy and being in a crowded and stressful store or shrine is the last way I want to start my year.

But sitting at home and pigging out on food and lying around in my underwear doesn't sound that appealing...unless I could convince Sumire to join me...that would be a pretty way to kill a day or so! Ha ha! In fact, I'd probably never leave the house again! Ever!
However, seeing as that is unlikely to happen, I need to come up with a Plan 'B'. (Plan 'A' is the one with Sumire.) I considered climbing Mt. Missen to watch the first sunrise of the year. Everyone was saying that it was cold, but hey! I'm Canadian-how cold can it really be, right? I was seriously considering it till one student said the reason she never goes is because it's so crowded! So, climbing Mt. Missen is out.

Then it dawned on me, I always want to spend it at a hot spring but there aren't really any that are convenient to Hiroshima and while I'd love to head back to Morioka to check one out, going to JR or the airport defeats the purpose of NOT going to crowded places (it's like travelling before Christmas back home-it's a nightmare!)...so I decided to head to Honoyu, a kind of bathhouse.
 honoyu ujina

There are actually two of them in Hiroshima-one in Ujina and one in Rakurakuen. I'm not sure which one is closer for me, but I'll probably go to the one in Ujina first-mainly because I know that area well and it also means that I can swing by Kakigoya after my bath and scarf down an oyster or two...that sounds like a perfect way to spend New Year's Day...better than going to a crowded shrine (Japanese style) or veging on the couch with a massive hangover, watching college football (American style)...ha ha!

How about you? How will you be spending New Year's Day?

Have a great day!

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