Top 10 Singles of 2014

Good morning everyone,

The weather is looking nice out there today...well, comparatively. It'll get up to around 11C and be mostly sunny all day. Actually, the whole week isn't that bad. It's going be around 10C or 11C every day-averages for this time of year are 11.1C. And they aren't calling for any snow or of right now. That sounds like perfect weather for me to get my training back on track-starting today! Not tomorrow!

So, had the Christmas Party last night. It was fun, as usual! Thanks to everyone who could make it!

Here are the top 10 songs from 2014...

Ok...well, maybe not yet. Before I post the list, I want to point out that I must be getting old. Ha ha! Seriously though, being in Japan means I miss out on a lot of music from back home. I miss the days of turning on the radio and finding new songs. These days I just scour top 10 lists and hope to find a song or two that I like. It works ok-I found 'The Killers' and 'Mumford and Sons' that way, but it means I'm limited to only songs that make the top 10 lists and most of the songs I love were nowhere near the top 10...anyway, back to the top 10 songs from 2014.

10. Jenny Lewis, "She's Not Me"

I'll be honest. This is one of only 2 or 3 songs on the list that I would actually listen to and am thinking about buying. It's got some great guitar licks, an incessantly singable chorus and funky lyrics. 

9. Childbirth, "I Only Fucked You As a Joke"

As soon as I saw the title, I knew this song wasn't for me. Yeah, I know, I know. It's meant to be funny and funny songs have their place (I'm a big BNL fan.), but the singers voice is so annoying. I couldn't listen to it for more than about 15 this got to be the top 9 song of the year is beyond my understanding...

8. Sia, "Chandelier"

These pop songs aren't really my cup of tea, but this song is pretty powerful. I can see why she (Sia) is one of the top songwriters of her generation. Her raspy lyrics suit this song way better than the silky sound of Beyoncé or Rihanna (both of whom have had hits written by Sia).

7. Beyoncé, "XO"

Hey, it's Beyoncé. She has once-in-a-generation talent and when handed a song like this, a hit is guaranteed. E

6. Run the Jewels, "Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck)"

A pair of rappers, one white, one black who do duets and actually like each other. If rap is your kind of music, it'd be hard to not like these two guys who actually look like they're having fun!

5. Parquet Courts, "Instant Disassembly"

This song is one of those that seems like it's almost in my wheelhouse. It's the most rock-like song on this list dominated by pop and rap and it makes me want to check out more of their songs to see if there's one that might make me fall in love with them. This particular song though, doesn't hit that mark for me...

4. QT, "Hey QT"

This is one of those pop songs that gets rolled out by music companies and has catchy tunes and will definitely sell a lot of records, but you definitely wont' be finding it in my collection anytime soon.

3. Nicki Minaj, "Anaconda"

Ahhh Nicki. This video was definitely the hit of the year and it helped push the song into the top 3. It's sexy, it's in-your-face, it's funny and it's all about Nicki. If you're already a fan, you'll love this one. If you're not, I doubt it'll convert you, but I bet you watch the video at least once! (Two or three times if you're into big butts!)

2. iLoveMakonnen, "Tuesday"

What is this song? Is it a club song? Is it rap? Is it R&B? I'd be the first to admit that I'm not into any of those genres, but there's something likable about this song. Could it be Drake's presence? Or the fact that I've been living that feeling for the past few years! (He talks about not being able to get out and party on the weekend because he has to work so 'Tuesday' is his party night!) I don't's catchy without being annoying.

1. Future Islands, "Seasons (Waiting on You)"

Would this be my pick for best song of 2014? Well, no. Hell, if you asked me, I'd have an entirely different list altogether. Having said that, this song is catchy and impossible to get sick of.

How about you? What was your best song of 2014?

If I had to pick one...hmmm...I don't know if it was the best song, but I've been listening to Jason Mraz's "Yes" non-stop this year. At the moment, I'm listening to 'My Best Friend'. It's very listenable...

Have a great day!

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