Merry Christmas Everybody!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Did you have a good Christmas Eve? I popped out for a minute to do some shopping and ran into not one, not two, but three of my students out on Christmas Eve dates. I think my students are more popular with the boys then they let on! Ha ha!

Anyway, the weather today will be basically the same weather as yesterday. The rest of the week will be pretty much the same-mix of sun and clouds, highs around 10C and chilly mornings. Then on Sunday the clouds will roll in and we're looking at a chance of rain on Monday.

I keep hearing about the new walkway/overpass at Hiroshima Station and how nice it is, but I don't have any reason to go all the way to Hiroshima Station to check it out....or, I should say, that I didn't have any reason to go and check it out till yesterday.

Yesterday, one of my students brought these to the lesson...(it's a group of friends who take a lesson together)...anyway, check out what she bought for us (she got one for everyone!)...

Pretty cool, eh? If you're a Carp fan or, if you have a Carp fan in your life, I recommend these. The bread is a kind of sweet bun and the 'C' on the front is white icing, of course. The brim of the cap is a rounded phyllo (or filo) pastry and the inside is baked apple. It was great!

Obviously they sell out quickly-my student picked them up at 10 or so in the morning and said that she got the last 4! She said that there was another type as well, a white square one with the Carp 'boya' on top of it. I haven't seen it, maybe it's supposed to be a base? Has anybody tried one? Let me know how it was!

I hope you all have a great Christmas and that you enjoyed your cake last night! I think I've put on about 2kg and my winter holiday hasn't even started yet!! Ha ha! I need to get out and go for a run...ahhh...starting tomorrow...

Have a great day! 

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