New Year's Resolution(s) from last year...

Good morning everyone,

The good news is that they are no longer calling for rain on Sunday, in fact, both today and tomorrow will be really nice with highs around 10C and mostly sunny skies. The rain will arrive on Monday and may stick around on Tuesday. The rest of the week is a bit up in the air weather wise, but it doesn't look too bad as of right now-highs around 10C and a mix of sun and cloud, which is pretty normal for this time of year. Well, at least until Thursday, then the mercury will take a huge dip and we'll only see highs around 5C by the end of next week...

Now that Christmas is finished and the only thing I have left to is find a way to eat about 3kgs of turkey (I'm so tired of eating turkey!), so it's time to start thinking about next year's resolutions. As I've mentioned before, I don't really do a 'big' cleaning during the new year break like the Japanese tradition. I understand wanting to start the year off with a nice clean house, but I just can't get used to it. I have always been-and always will be-a spring cleaner, that's why we call it 'spring cleaning' in English.

But I haven't thought about my resolutions for next year at all...mostly because I wasn't so good at this year's resolutions...ha ha! Surprisingly, I've kept up with the running (not counting the past week or so-but I've been REALLY busy!). However, I haven't been nearly as good with practicing the guitar or learning kanji. With the guitar, it's mostly because I suck! Ha ha! It's difficult to notice any improvement and that is really de-motivating. And the class is still moving along even though I feel like I haven't mastered the earlier stuff yet, so I worry that I might be holding the class back...I'm going to give it one or two more months where I'll try-seriously try-to practice and if I can't keep up the practice or if I don't see any improvement, I'll give up.

The other resolution I didn't have much success with was studying more Japanese, well kanji to be specific. It is so easy to get distracted when studying-I don't know how all of you can keep it up! I think it's so amazing that you take time out of your busy lives to study and are able to keep it up! My studying is really sporadic-I'll study really hard for a week or two or maybe even a month, and then I won't look at my textbook for a week or two or more...I definitely need to hit the books harder in 2015...or maybe come up with a new resolution or two...ha ha!

How about you? How did your resolutions for 2014 go?

Have a great day!

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