Kuga, Sanzoku and Asahi...

Good morning everyone,

I don't know about you, but yesterday felt cooler than I expected...maybe because it was cloudy all day. Today and the rest of the week will see highs around 10C and lows between 1C and 4C. They aren't calling for any rain this week. I hope they're right, the last thing I want to do is run a race in the snow (or rain) in the middle of January.

I've got my first race of the year this weekend. It's going to be in Yamaguchi, in a small town called Kuga. Most people have heard of Kuga because it has an exit off the expressway. Oh! And of course, it's close to Sanzoku. I'm sure I've talked about Sanzoku before. It was interesting though-in a class earlier this week I had 3 or 4 students who were transferred to Hiroshima and have worked here for a few years, yet have never been. Not that I can say anything, I lived here for about 5 years before I finally made it. It's not the most amazing food in the world. It's pretty good, but the biggest attraction is that it's just 'different'. They serve barbecued chicken on the bone and giant 'onigiri' which are both good. However, the main reason it's so popular is that it's the first 'let's go for a drive' destination for all young people in Hiroshima. It might be with their friends or girlfriend/boyfriend, but almost all young people head to Sanzoku shortly after getting their licence.

If we have time, and if our DD (designated driver-the person who isn't allowed to drink alcohol because they're driving) isn't too tired, we might also swing by Asahi Brewery (the sake one, not the beer one) and pick up a bottle or two of Dassai, straight from the brewer.

It was my idea and when I first suggested it, everyone seemed pretty keen, but now that the date is getting closer and closer, interest is beginning to wane a bit and I'd say there's only a slim chance that we'll actually pop into the brewery on the way home. And that's ok with me...I've also lost a bit of interest in going there. Hmmm...well, that's not entirely true, but I went out for a 15km run yesterday and my thighs were killing me by the time I hit the 13km mark. It was a bit worrisome, because it's never really happened before. I was feeling good because I didn't have any knee pain, and then suddenly my thighs started aching like I'd just run 35km, not 13km...so, after the race on Sunday, I may not be up for walking around a brewery...

I hope they recover soon, I was planning on going out for a 25km run on Monday...I need to start getting some long distance runs in if I want to do well in Kyoto...

Have a great day!

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