Brisbane Open

Good morning everyone,

Enjoying this nice weather? I know I am. It's going to keep up for a few more days anyway. They're saying that clouds are going to roll in on Friday and we can expect some rain next Saturday. It's a bit too far in the future to be absolutely certain, so I'd keep an eye on it if I were you...highs all week will be around 10C and lows between 1C and 4C.

I just watched the Brisbane Open semi-final and sorry to be the one to inform you, but Nishikori lost to Raonic. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. Yes, Kei is ranked higher than Milos...Kei is #5 in the world and Milos is #8, but they are pretty even head-to-head with Nishikori holding a 4 to 2.

Watching them play today, it's amazing that Kei was able to win those 4. Not that Kei isn't a good player-he's fantastic! But when Raonic's serve is on, it's basically unhittable. It must be so frustrating for people to receive. Can you imagine? He's the 5th ranked player in the world, but he can barely get a racket on the serve.

Kei hits great groundstrokes and rallies like a demon-he never gives up on any ball. But when you don't have any chance at all to rally, it's impossible to win. And going to a tie-break with Raonic, isn't a good idea. He had the best record in Pro tennis last year.

Now, Raonic is on to the final and I wish him luck!

I know that they'll meet many more times in the future and it's always exciting to see two young, up-and-coming players (Raonic is one year younger than Nishikori) battle it out. Hopefully, it'll be in the finals at the Australian Open!

As for my run today, I've been focussing on training for the Kyoto Marathon, so it won't be a very fast run today-as long as I run a sub-45minute 10k, I'll be happy!

Enjoy the long weekend!

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