Japan's Luckiest Man

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There was a spattering of rain while we were driving back from Sanzoku yesterday. Did it rain in Hiroshima? There isn't any big change in the weather forecast for this week. It's supposed to be a mix of sun and clouds from today till Friday. Friday is going to be overcast and then it's looking like it'll rain on Saturday. Highs all week will hover between 8C and 10C and lows will be between 0C and 5C.

Are you feeling lucky? I'm sure Tomonori Shiwa is! Have you heard of him? No?! Well, he's not particularly famous. In fact, no one had probably heard of him till 2 days ago. So, what happened two days ago, you ask? 

He outran about 5,000 other young men along a perilous 230m route through the Nishinomiya Shrine in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture. Have you ever seen a video of what it looks like? I still don't have good luck getting videos to appear on my blog, but if it doesn't work, just go on YouTube. There are tons of videos that have been uploaded there that you can check out.


So, what does a runner get for his troubles? Well, if he doesn't get trampled on or if he doesn't slip and break an ankle and somehow manages to be one of the top three runners, there are some decent prizes to be won!
fukuotoko1.jpg fukuotoko.jpg

All of the top three finishers are called 'lucky men' and the fastest of them all is called 'the luckiest man'. They even get a certificate declaring them lucky men. I wonder if that gives them any cachet with the ladies this year? I mean, if you're a young girl, wouldn't you want to go out with Japan's luckiest man? I don't know, but hearing what else he wins might sweeten the pot a bit. He gets a cool 'happi' jacket...ok, so that isn't such a big turn-on, I guess, but...the fact that he also wins 60kg of rice, a keg of sake (72L) and a year's supply of Ebisu beer sounds pretty tempting. I wonder if there's an age limit? I'd love to win a year's supply of Ebisu (it's my favorite beer among the major beers in Japan).

I should have a lucky student race...I could make up a certificate for the winner and...what else? Well, I have no idea...any ideas? Ha ha!

Have a great day!

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