Build your own 3D Printer

Good morning everyone,

If anyone got rubber boots or a rain coat for Christmas, you'll finally get a chance to wear them today. They are calling for rain for the morning and into the afternoon, but it's expected to clear up later today-sometime before dinner. The rest of the week will see highs around 10C and lows between 1C and 3C and a mix of sun and clouds.

Have you ever heard of the magazine DeAgostini? Neither had I till a week or so ago. Then I saw an add on tv for a 3D printer for 980 yen. Well, that's what I thought it said-which obviously was wrong. I wasn't really paying attention, I just caught it out of the corner of my eye. When I looked it up online, it turned out to be some kind of subscription do-it-yourself 3D printer kit. How it works is, you buy the first piece for only 999yen and then every piece after that comes regularly-like once a week or once a month-for 1998 yen and you put the printer together yourself.
3d printer

It sounds like fun! And apparently this kind of monthly subscription hobby/kit isn't new in Japan. There are tons of different kinds out there-like toys, models of famous buildings or train sets...pretty much anything you can think of, you can find.

I guess they're pretty popular-they just never appealed to me before. But I'm seriously thinking about signing up for a 3D. Who wouldn't a 3D printer? And you can say you built it yourself!! Of course I wouldn't be like that idiot who made a gun for himself using a 3D printer. Who does that? Especially in Japan! Anyway, there are lots of cool things you can 'print' off using a kind of filament that comes with the printer. You can make lights, phone cases, toys...check it out!
3d printer stuff 

How about you? Has anyone signed up for this already? Or are you considering it now?

I know I seriously am!

Have a great day!

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