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Good morning everyone,

Yesterday morning was cold, but it seemed to warm up as the day went on. I was feeling pretty warm during the race-so warm that I actually had to take my hat off. Today and tomorrow will be pretty much the same with highs around 11C and then it's looking like we can expect some rain on Wednesday and Thursday. Friday will be overcast and then we may see the sun return on Saturday.

Speaking of the 'race', what happened? Congratulations to Saitama on winning their first ever Men's Relay Marathon. (It's a national championship comprised of 7 members-2 JHS students, 3 HS students and 2 adults-with every prefecture in Japan sending a team. Why don't we do something like this in Canada?) I was thinking that Hiroshima had a decent chance of winning this time around because our team had a runner from the university that won the Hakone Ekiden and a high school from Hiroshima, Sera, won the high school championship a while ago. We ended up 13th, only one position better than last year. Pretty disappointing...but probably not as disappointing as it was for the runners from Aichi. They were disqualified after a botched sash handoff. I didn't see the replay, but from I can gather from the news, the runner with the sash didn't cross the line before handing over the sash, either he 'tossed' it at the next runner or the next runner came over the line to get the sash. I'm not sure which one, I read conflicting reports (maybe they did both). Anyway, they were disqualified from the race. That must have been heartbreaking for them.

Yesterday, I was a bit heartbroken too, because I could only get a glimpse of the runners as they sprinted off the start line-man, they're fast! And I couldn't find the shops that were selling local area foods. I ended up buying a sports towel and then heading off.

But I was so happy to find a new (new to me) cake shop. It was great! It's called, 'ムッシムパネン' and it's in Kaneyama-cho along the river. If you like cake and don't mind spending $4 to $5, I highly recommend it. They all look so gorgeous! It was impossible to choose one! 
And I didn't have time yesterday, but I saw that they also had a light lunch menu serving 'meat pie'. Next time I have a chance and a craving for meat pie, I'll be heading there!

So, yesterday Hiroshima didn't do nearly as well as I had hoped in the race, but I ended up finding a really good cake shop...overall, I'll have to take it as a 'good' but not great day! How was your day yesterday?

Have a great day!

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