Good morning everyone,

Are you enjoying this weather? Well, unless you're a duck, I doubt it. I suppose you could argue that some farmers might be happy with it, but how much food do we grow in the winter? In Canada...well, nothing...ha ha! The rain will fall off and on today and then it should clear up tomorrow a bit, before we see more sun on Saturday. It'll slowly get warmer all week too. Until we get up to unseasonably warm weather the beginning of next week-we may see highs in the low to mid teens.

I'm guessing you've read about the two Japanese hostages that are being held for ransom. I was surprised to be honest-I didn't realize that there were any Japanese nationals in the area. Apparently one of them is a man with a troubled heart. In fact, he's not unlike the 19-yr old who's been in the news for sabotaging food in supermarkets in that way. They both are lost souls and looking for something that they can't get in a regular job or what we would call a 'typical' life.

The other captive is a freelance journalist from what I can gather. It's terrible, but for him, I guess he knew about the risks. It wasn't as if he hadn't been there before, having been to Syria last year.

So, the captors are asking for $1 million per captive or they will behead them in a day (it was originally 3 days, but two days have passed).

What do you think the government should do? Should we pay the terrorists? Or not? Of course the Abe government is doing everything it can short of paying the ransom to get them released, but will it be enough?

I wonder if the ISIS troops set the ransom bar so high because they didn't want the money-they just wanted to cause a lot of hand-wringing here before they killed the two men. I'm torn. On one hand, they're people, right? No one wants to see people die needlessly. It's a horrible thing. On the other hand, I don't think we should pay off the terrorists. It will just embolden them to take more hostages in the future and then where does it stop?

Is it possible to attempt a rescue? If the hostages are killed in the rescue, it would be a tragedy, but better that than being beheaded for the world to see...

Anyway, I'm seriously worried for them and I'm hoping for the best, but expecting the worst...

Have a great day!

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