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Well, the rain came a bit earlier than I started overnight and is still raining now. I'm not looking forward to going out for a long run in the rain, but due to my own laziness I have no choice. I'm sure there is a lesson about not procrastinating somewhere in this situation...ha ha! The good news is that after today the weather will be nice for a few days. Unfortunately, it will be a bit cooler than normal, but should be sunny at least until Friday...

Have you ever heard of Shigeru Mizuki? He is most famous for his 'Gegege no kitaro' horror manga series. However, did you know that he is always the author of some edutainment manga as well? Edutainment is a mash-up of education and entertainment. It's used to describe just that-some form of entertainment such as movies, games or tv shows that also educate the reader/viewer. Shigeru Mizuki's medium of choice is manga.
mizuki noble deaths
I've just bought 'Onward to Our Noble Deaths'. (Japanese: 総員玉砕せよ! is a one-shot manga written and illustrated by Shigeru Mizuki. In it, Mizuki describes his experiences as a soldier participating in the New Guinea campaign during World War II. He portrays the final weeks of his infantry service as the soldiers were instructed to die for their country to avoid the dishonor of becoming a prisoner. The manga has won numerous awards in both America and France after being translated into English in 2010.

He's also written a four-part series of the Showa Period in manga format and I'm looking forward to diving into those as soon as I finish "Onward to Our Noble Deaths".
mizuki showa
To be honest, I found out about Shigeru Mizuki when I was looking for a biography on Adolf Hitler. I always wonder what makes people do such horrible things to one another and want to know what makes him tick. (What's even scarier is that 70 years after WW2, we're still doing those horrible things to one another.) MIzuki has also written a manga on Hitler, but I can't find it anywhere...I'll have to keep my eyes peeled. Until I find it, I'll have to satisfy my interest in history in manga form with Mizuki's other works.

Have you ever read about history or studied about a famous person or event in a manga? I know there are tons of them in Japanese...I'd love to see some more of them translated into English at some point...

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