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Good morning everyone,

It was just starting to rain when I was on my way home last night and we will probably see rain off and on throughout the day. The good news is that they are no longer calling for rain on Sunday-it'll be overcast but at least we can do outdoor activities if we feel like it. The next few days will see highs of 9C or 10C and today and tomorrow will be mostly sunny with cloudy periods until we get to dark and dreary Sunday (but at least it won't be raining...).

Whenever we are at an izakaya with an all-you-can-drink plan, we always hear the words we dread, "Last order" after 90 minutes or so. Back home, it's difficult (if not impossible) to find an all-you-can-drink place, but at the end of the night-usually around 1am or so, if you're still in the bar, you'll hear the staff or bartender say, "Last call. Last call for alcohol." In Canada, bars must close by a certain time. We can't find bars open till 5am like here in Japan-they must stop serving alcohol by 1am and everybody must be out by 1:30....but I'm getting off topic...

The point was to make a joke about some drinks that they're making 'last call' on in Japan. Japan Tobacco (JT) will no longer be selling soft drinks..

Are any of these among your favorite drinks?
JT softdrinks

If so, you'd better stock up. JT has announced that, due to severe competition and market conditions, they will be leaving the beverage business.

They aren't alone, almost all of the larger soft drink makers in Japan have expanded overseas or bought stakes in soft drink makers from other countries to help prop up their bottom line. With Japan's population falling at the level of a mid-sized city every year (about a 1/4 of a million people) and the population aging at the rate it is, companies who don't think globally will be left behind (or out of business altogether). Ahh...again...I'm getting off topic...ha ha!

Well, not really off topic, but away from my point, which was to; a) point out that in English, we say "last call", not "last order", and b) that JT drinks, like Roots coffee (which I really liked) will be gone from store shelves by autumn at the latest, so enjoy them while you can.

Have a great day!

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