Luck or not...

Good morning everyone, about the rain and the thunderstorm yesterday, don't blame me! I think it caught everyone by surprise-including the weatherman! It's looking like today and the weekend will be fine-by winter standards anyway. We'll see a mix of sun and clouds and highs around 10C all weekend. Then, it's looking more and more like we can expect some rain on Monday...yeah, it's my day off, but I don't imagine it'll be a problem, because I'll probably be glued to the couch all day!

Sometimes I wonder if I'm lucky or not. For the most part, I'd say I'm a really lucky guy. I'm pretty healthy. I have a job that I like. And I'm surrounded by people who love me. I'd say I'm lucky in all the 'big things' in life. Sure, I'd like to have a job that pays a ton of money or get that phone call from Sumire Matsubara that I've been waiting for for ages, but those are little things when you think of the big picture. I don't have as much time off as most of my friends back home, but generally I'm pretty lucky in my life choices.

And, in my not so big choices either. As you may or may not know, I'm heading to Morioka next weekend. It's way colder up there then it is here in Hiroshima, so I figured I'd better get a couple of sweaters to take with me. I figured it was perfect timing because there would be big sales, right? Wrong! I couldn't find any good sweaters on sale. Either they were already gone or (more likely) the good ones had never gone on sale in the first place.

So, I switched to Amazon. I love Amazon, but I hardly ever buy clothes from the website unless it's a brand that I know because I know what to expect I terms of size, quality and style. Every now and then I'll try some new shop and, inevitably, I'll be disappointed. This time I took a bit of a big risk and ordered two sweaters from the same company-one was a cream-coloured turtleneck and it was 3,900 yen. Not too risky...but I also ordered a cardigan and it was about 11,000 yen. First the turtleneck came and it was ok...just ok. I was glad that I only paid 3,900 yen for it. I won't complain. If I compare it to a similar priced sweater-like one at Uniqlo-the one I got is definitely more stylish and looks more expensive.

However, I became seriously worried about the quality of the cardigan...

...then luckily, they cancelled the order for the cardigan as it was sold out.
How lucky is that!? 

Of course the downside is that I now only have one sweater to take with me...ha ha! The upside is that I now have an extra 11,000 yen to go looking for I only need some time to actually do it...

Has that ever happened to you? You ordered something and were wondering if you'd made the right choice or not and then the company bails you out by cancelling the order and returning all your money?

Have a great day!

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