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We had a bit of rain late yesterday evening that I wasn't expecting. Which meant that my towels got washed twice...and now they'll have to get washed again...they'll be the cleanest towels in the world by the time this week is finished! Ha ha! Luckily we won't see any more rain for the next few days at least. It's supposed to be mostly sunny today and tomorrow and then clouding over late Saturday before we see some rain on Sunday. Today will be the coolest day this week with a high of only 9C and then we should see the days slowly getting warmer till we see highs in the mid-teens on the weekend.

I'm sure I wrote about annoying FB (FaceBook) habits people have ages ago. But I recently found one from a Japanese perspective. It seems pretty standard annoying stuff. I especially like the one about posting a picture of a nice meal but not telling people where you had it! It's so annoying! Ha ha! But is it enough to block someone? For me, not at all. But if you post pictures of great food in the future, please tell me where you had it!

So, the top FB happens that might get you blocked by your Japanese friends...

10. Statuses that boast about working late into the night

Japanese people are known for working lots of overtime, but not everyone does it and no one really cares if you have to do it. So, if you post, “Today I worked all through the night, it was so tough!” don’t expect any real pity, and if anything, expect to have lost a few followers, or at least have all of your subsequent posts hidden from view.

9. People who seem proud about doing delinquent things (minor crimes)

“Drunk driving now! lol” The Internet is not laughing, buddy. In fact, a lot people don’t support your stupid behavior, so you’re not only endangering lives, you’re losing Facebook friends. Unless your friends are equally idiotic, in which case you should probably go ahead and tag them in your photos and save the police some time.

8. Posts featuring photos of delicious food, but no mention of the name of the restaurant

We all have that friend who is a food tease. The one who writes, “This ○○○ is so good!” as a caption to a picture of a ridiculously delicious looking meal. But where did they get it?! Which restaurant is it from? Please, tell us so we can go eat some too! We’re so hungry now!

7. People who say bad things about people they don’t really know

Really, this should be “People who say bad things about other people in general,” but it gets especially sticky if Person A writes something bad about Person B on Facebook, not knowing that Person C is friends with both A and B, so then Person B finds out, etc. Drama, drama, drama. Just don’t write bad things about people on the Internet, guys, you never know who will be able to read it.

6. Poems

Apparently, a lot of Japanese netizens are not fans of Facebook status poems. They especially don’t like those poems that make the person seem really aware, in-touch with Earth and their inner self, because the poems often turn out looking like serial cryptic messages. They’re making some people feel uncomfortable.

5. Posts/invitations to third-party SNS, unwanted games and iffy links

You don’t have to be a Facebook user in Japan to empathize with this one. Some people get annoyed when they receive multiple invitations from the same person to play a game or use an application that they don’t want to be involved with. Do these app users simply not care how much spam they’re sending in their friends’ direction? Do they just not get that not everyone cares about colored gems and virtual towns?

4. Posts talking about (successful) dates

Single Japanese netizens are not happy with their friends who post pictures or write statuses about fun dates and how wonderful their love-life is. Valentine’s Day must have been hard for this crowd.

3. That one friend who shares every single viral video or joke that exists on the Internet

You know those joke videos that scare you at the end, or those posts you’ve already seen around your news feed a few times? Some people seem to share those repeatedly. Many Japanese people have come to the conclusion that this kind of behavior justifies prompt blocking..

2. Political opinions

Of course it is important to stay in touch with the news and politics, but a majority of Japanese users feel quite firmly that Facebook is not the medium on which you should share your political views, and that doing so is just cause for a swift blocking.

1. Gross images (such as war or disaster photos)

The Japanese netizens have spoken and although they think it’s okay to talk about topics of war, violence or catastrophe once in a while, they don’t really like grotesque images popping up on their news feeds in-between pictures of their friend’s wedding and sister’s new baby. Again, many don’t think Facebook is the right place for overly serious stuff.

These kinds of posts can definitely get annoying and can cause for some cringing and grimacing while scrolling through the good ol’ news feed, but are they really so irritating that they warrant the perpetrator being blocked? What do you think?

Have a great day!

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