In the boonies...

Good morning everyone,

I don't know about Hiroshima, but it rained all night here last night. The snow is completely gone-not that there was much to begin with. Today is going to be warmish-it'll get up to 7C or so and then back to Hiroshima where it'll be 14C! It'll feel like spring!

We are definitely in the countryside. The internet connection is spotty at best, so sorry but today and tomorrow will be short blogs.

Last night I slept in a futon for the first time in ages. It was nice and because of the winter, it had a really cool design that I'd never seen before. The top of the futon was v-shaped so that it could go around your neck and still leave your face open to fresh air. It was kind of cool. There was only one small flaw though. It didn't really work if you rolled over to your side. It meant that your shoulders were cold. 

And sleeping on my back isn't really an option because I would rattle the windows with my snoring. Ha ha! I ended up on my side with my head covered, but had a small space open to breathe. It was toasty warm.

And it was so nice to have a good quality comforter. I've been using the same one for years now and am starting to think that it might be time for a new weighs a ton. Apparently most of the weight is made up of my dead skin cells and the poop and dead bodies of all the bugs that eat my dead skin cells...kind of gross, but it's circle of life, right?

I'm going to a 'kaki-goya' in Morioka today...while Hiroshima is the number one source of oysters in Japan, according to the locals, Iwate is number 2 (although I secretly think it might be Miyagi that's number 2-but I don't want to disappoint them by pointing that out...ha ha!)

Have a great day!

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