Keeping my teeth clean!

Good morning everyone,

Make sure you pack your umbrella today-they are calling for an 80% chance of rain this morning, but hopefully it'll have stopped by the time I'm heading home. Tomorrow and Saturday will be sunnier but cool with highs around 10C and then we'll see more rain on Sunday before the nice weather returns from the beginning of the work week. Temperatures for the next little while will be between 2C and 5C below normal for this time of year. Hopefully we'll see some warmer temperatures by the time next weekend rolls around.

In Tohoku, I ended up spending one night at my friend's house (not a hotel as I originally thought) and it was great. I got better service than if I had been in a hotel! Ha ha!

He lives in a big, old Japanese farmhouse with his parents, his grandma and his family-he has two kids as well. But the house was huge! It wasn't anything like I'd seen before in Japan. He isn't rich-it's just built to hold big families from a long time ago-just like my grandparents' house was.

Anyway, while we were having dinner in the kitchen, his kids were brushing their teeth and then after the brushed their teeth they rinsed their mouths with some kind of strawberry-flavoured dye that made their teeth, tongue and gums turn pink. Wherever they had missed or hadn't done a good enough job brushing turned a darker pink or almost red. Have you ever seen anything like this before (outside of the dentist office)?! I hadn't!

It looked like so much fun that I just had to try it. So, we made one of those promises that you made after you've had too many glasses of beer and I, my friend and his wife all had a 'Toothbrush Battle' before bed. It was fun! It felt like we were kids again. The best part of course is that I won! But they claimed that I had an unfair advantage. His wife complained because my teeth are so small, it made it easier for me to brush compared to her, whose teeth are bigger. And my friend complained that my toothbrush gave me an unfair advantage because it was so high-tech! Ha ha!
I bought it the last time I was home and I have to say that it is great!

And, if I've got time today, I'm going to swing by Want's to see if I can pick up some of that rinse to check my brushing technique regularly...

Have a great day!

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