Make a run for the border!

Good morning everyone!

Today and tomorrow will be nice but cool with highs around 9C (a couple of degrees below normal for this time of year) and lows around 1C. On Sunday we can expect to see some rain and then the sunny weather will return on Monday along with more seasonal highs between 10C and 12C. According to the weather lady on tv last night, cherry blossoms will be much earlier than last year-we could see them in Hiroshima as early as the 25th or so of next month...

Do you know the slogan 'Make a run for the border!'? It was famous a long time ago for an American fast food restaurant called 'Taco Bell'. Basically, it's a Mexican-themed fast food place that sells tacos, burritos and other famous Mexican dishes at dirt cheap prices...well, they're dirt cheap back home.
taco bell's coming to Japan! I wonder if it'll be cheap here too...

Restaurant chain operator Asrapport Dining Co. said Thursday in a statement it has signed a franchise agreement with the wholly owned unit of Yum! Brands Inc. to open Taco Bell restaurants. It didn't say when the restaurants would open or how many there would be.

Asrapport, is the operator of 'Gyukaku' along with some yakitori restaurants and has decided to open 'Taco Bell' to expand its business. As the first operator of a Mexican themed fast food restaurant, it may do well. I wonder if I should buy stocks...first, I need money to do that...ha ha!

Foreign restaurant chains, such as McDonald's , Krispy Kreme and Subway, are already  well-established in Japan and Burger King and Wendy's have recently returned. I'd love to see either one of those open up shop here in Hiroshima to give us some more choice for burgers...

And how long will we have to wait to satisfy our Taco Bell craving? I wouldn't count on one opening up in Hiroshima any time soon...we'll probably still be waiting while we are watching the Olympics in 2020...ha ha!

Are there any overseas fast food restaurants that you'd love to see in Japan?

For me...Dairy Queen...

dairy queen

Have a great day!

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