Another donation...sort of...

Good morning everyone,

It didn't get as sunny as I thought it would yesterday, but at least it finally stopped raining. There's no rain in the forecast for the next little while, so hopefully we can enjoy some nice weather. Today and the weekend will be really nice-highs around 18C or 19C and mostly sunny skies. Too bad this isn't 'hanami' season-it would be perfect! From the beginning of next week it'll cool down a fair bit-highs will be around 13C or a bit warmer, but at least it'll be mostly sunny.

So, I made another donation on Wednesday. Can you guess to who? Well, I made it to 'Wunhandra'. Can you imagine who 'Wunhandra' is? Well, she is a god that I made up. And she is the goddess of lost gloves and mittens. (I called her 'Wunhandra', because it sounds like she has only 'one hand'.) Because she only has one hand, she goes around and picks up all the dropped gloves and mittens. I don't know what she does with them...whatever gods do with the sacrifices they receive from their followers. I guess. I must be her favorite follower! So far, I think she's got 3 gloves from me.

The worst part is that I was doing so well-I hadn't lost a glove for almost two full winters and then I had to lose one on basically the last cold day of the season. In fact, that's why I lost it. Here's my was warm so I wore my vest instead of a jacket but I had my gloves on because my fingers get cold. However, about halfway to work, I started getting hot so I took them off and stuffed them in my vest pockets. The problem is that vest doesn't have good pockets, so one of them fell out somewhere between Tokaichi and Hachobori.

I realized it after I put my vest on to go home, so I figured I'd have a look on the way home to see if I could find it. I couldn't. But I did find two gloves that looked almost exactly the same and didn't realize they were different until I'd picked them up. I'm sure the Japanese people who noticed must of felt really sorry for me. "Oh...that poor gaijin can't even afford to buy his own gloves." or "I can't believe he would wear someone's old glove that had been lying on the ground! How disgusting!". Well, it wasn't either of those cases...ha ha! After I realized they weren't mind, I put them on the side of the sidewalk and moved on...apparently the snowflake design has been really popular recently...ha ha!

Have a great day!

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