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Good morning everyone,

It was a chilly ride home last night-good thing I read the forecast and prepared ahead of time, otherwise it might have been a lot worse. I saw some people who were wearing just light jackets and no gloves and they looked pretty cold! You may want to put your spring clothes away for a couple more days as we'll see morning lows around 3C or 4C today, tomorrow and Thursday. The weekend is looking great though! We might see the mercury climb as high as 22C on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and even Monday! It'll only be a couple weeks till I start complaining about the heat...ha ha!

Feminine glamour may turn the most heads at fashion weeks in New York or Paris, but in Tokyo it is the style-conscious men who set the real fashion trends. From sharp futurism to wool-and-denim casuals, the finale of Tokyo Fashion Week put the spotlight largely on menswear, aiming to promote the most dynamic area of Japanese clothes design. “What happens here is probably the future of men’s fashion,” said Antonio Cristaudo from Pitti Immagine, a collection of fashion industry events in Italy. “There’s individuality, they want to be different,” he told AFP. “It’s important for all the fashion world to see what’s happening in Japan.”

Such innovation is nowhere more evident than on the streets of Tokyo, from the vintage and skater styles of Ura-Hara to the slick suits of the Marunouchi business district. With sharp tailoring and eye-catching accessories, from hats and bags to shiny shoes, the get-up of Tokyo gents is striking to the first-time visitor. “The menswear is just so much more exciting than womenswear here,” said Misha Janette, an American fashion journalist based in Tokyo, who suggested the tendency for women to cover up meant their clothes could be “a bit shapeless”. For the men, meanwhile, “it’s ok to do your hair, be into fashion, use skincare,” Janette said. “They like to be proper in Japan.”

Sorry ladies-but I have to agree with Misha. A lot of young woman's fashion in Japan these days is all about layers and if women wear too many layers, they end up looking frumpy-frumpy is never cool! Ha ha!

I definitely won't be winning any fashion awards over here. I don't do anything special to take care of my skin except washing it, I barely have enough hair to put gel in and my idea of getting dressed up is matching my belt and shoes and smelling my sweater to make sure it's clean. Hmmm...that might explain a lot about the number of dates I've had recently...ha ha!

Have a great day!

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