The One-Coin Bakery closed...What am I going to do?!

Good morning everyone,

The forecast for today is mostly sunny with a high of 17C. That's a degree or two above normal and about 5C warmer than it has been for the past couple of days. The morning won't feel very warm, but it should get warmer after lunch. Then, it's expected to stay warm all through the weekend and into next week. Basically, today and tomorrow will see highs of 17C and 18C and then it'll be in the 20s till at least mid-week. That's about 5C above normal-I'm definitely looking forward to that! But, I'm guessing we will be due for another cold spell afterwards... the weather is one thing, but something far, FAR, more important has come up...the One Coin Bakery across from my school has closed! Yesterday I was gutted when I popped over to pick up some bread (I didn't have time for lunch as I had to run to Epoca Kids Club) and the place was dark...I started to get a bad feeling about it and it turned out that my worries were was closed. And not just 'closed', it had been completely shut down.

I counted on that shop for two things. One, a quick and reasonably priced good-tasting snack...sorry Poplar, it's great having a convenience store so close, but the food there just isn't up to snuff. And the other thing I always counted on One Coin Bakery for was buying a loaf of brown bread. Have you ever tried to buy brown bread anywhere in Hiroshima other than a specialty bakery? It's damn near impossible. Oh...and...when you do find it, it costs you an arm and a leg. But not at the One Coin Bakery-it was only 100 yen (or 108 yen depending on pedantic you are) and was a quick 5 or 10 steps from my building.

As for buying bread once a week, I suppose I can go to the shop in Kaneyama...assuming they have brown's not that far away. But I have no idea what I'm going to do when I need/want a quick, healthy-ish bite to eat. There's not really any other choice on my side of Hachobori. I can walk down to 7-11 I guess or sometimes pop into Doutour (a local coffee shop that makes pretty good sandwiches), but both options are not cheap like the good ol' One Coin Bakery was.

I swear I was in a state of shock for most of the morning yesterday...I can't even remember what lessons I taught...ha ha! All I was thinking about was..."Where am I going to buy brown bread?" or "Will I ever have a chance to enjoy 'shio-pan' again?" For the unitiated, shio-pan is a buttery, salted roll and is perfect if you can find it when it is still piping hot, fresh from the oven. The bottom is crispy, the inside is fluffy...I hope I can find it at the Kaneyama shop...<sigh>

Or does anybody know any other 'One Coin Bakeries' nearby?

Have a great day!

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