Signs of spring

Good morning everyone,

It's supposed to be warming up out there, but I can't say I've noticed. It's still pretty cold when I leave for work in the morning and just as cold when I get home at night. Today is going to get up to 18C and tomorrow will see a high around 20C, but both days will see morning lows of 8C or so...Sunday is looking more and more like rain and then Monday and Tuesday will see blue skies again, with the high on Tuesday apparently going up to 24C.

I heard birds chirping for the first time this spring while I was scanning the newspapers for something interesting (couldn't find anything) or something that wasn't depressing (like a co-pilot deciding he wanted to crash a plane). They didn't have the same song as robins do, but it made me feel like spring must be here. In Japan, the blossoming of the cherry blossom trees is always the first sign of spring-not to mention a good excuse to get out and go for a drink or two!

However, in my hometown, the arrival of robins back from their winter migration is the first sign that spring is upon us.

After that, some flowers start to poke up through the remaining snow and then the leaves on the trees start to bud and then nature just explodes (there're a lot of trees in Canada!) and luckily for a lot of people, we don't get nearly the same amount of pollen from cedar trees as you do here in Japan, so hayfever is a lot less common...or well, we have it, but it doesn't affect people as badly. The symptoms are a lot milder, so it's more bearable than hayfever season in Japan.

I think spring is a lot more noticeable for me in Canada (compared to Hiroshima) because the trees either lose their leaves or are covered by snow and the ground is white (or in some cases grey) but when spring comes, it brings so much colour. It really does feel like nature takes a long sleep every winter and then wakes up in the spring. I sometimes feel sorry for the trees, flowers and plants in Hiroshima, because they never get to take a season off! Ha ha! They're always growing or being pruned or trimmed and never get a chance to hibernate (trees don't really hibernate, but you know what I mean) for a month or two to catch their breath and then they can show off all their beauty come spring...

And that is what spring means to me...I sometimes think that we don't appreciate spring that much in Hiroshima because we don't have to live through a very hard winter. I almost wish the winter was colder and snowier, just so I could feel the excitement that comes with spring after a hard winter again...

Have a great day!

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