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I used to always make my curry from scratch...yes, we have roux back home too (sorry it's not unique to Japan), but I never tried it before coming to Japan. It's pretty convenient and tastes great without doing anything extra to spice it up.

One of the best things about curry rice is how easy it is to customise it. You can switch up the ways of serving it by swapping the rice for udon or ramen. You can pour it over deep-fried pork katsu or seafood, or throw in all kinds of vegetables… the possibilities are endless!

But if you’re looking for ways to really step up your curry, then I recommend trying some of these tips and tricks from professional curry chefs…

The standard formula for making easy curry rice at home is to fry up some onions, veggies and meat, then add water and finally curry roux. But there are a number of little things you can do to take even store-bought curry from cheap ‘n’ tasty evening meal to a dish to be genuinely proud of.

Tip 1 Make sure those onions are nice and fried before you add in the rest. Chefs recommend adding just enough water to keep your onions from burning while frying to make sure that the full flavour of the onions is brought out.

Tip 2: Top curry chefs recommend going the extra mile and adding in some spices to your sauce, even if you’re using roux already. For extra colour, add a pinch of turmeric, and for fragrance, cumin or coriander. If you want your curry to have some extra bite, meanwhile, throw in some cayenne pepper.

Tip 3: Don’t stop at just adding water and roux if you want your curry to be extra thick and creamy. Add in some milk, cream or yogurt, too.

Tip 4: Top curry chefs also recommend bringing out the subtle undertones of the curry flavour by adding tomatoes, pickled plums, wine, citrus fruits, or black vinegar.

Tip 5: While this particular “tip” can be found on the back of most boxed roux, apparently hardly anyone actually does it. When you’re adding the curry roux blocks, it’s essential that you remove the pot from the heat first and allow the roux blocks to melt into the already hot pot without applying direct heat. In fact, you don’t need to have the roux in there that long at all, and over-cooking the roux can wind up ruining the taste of the curry.

I have to say that the curry you can make from roux is already good, and I already do number one (it's one of the first things you learn when making good stew-get those onions cooked completely before adding other vegies!). However, I've always wondered how I can make my curry better...and I'm going to try all of these tips! 

Do you do any of them already? Is it worth it?

Have a great day!

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