A flat tire

Good morning everyone,

The sunny weather is going to continue for a couple more days-today and tomorrow will both see highs around 22C with blue skies. From Wednesday, we can expect unsettled weather to roll in and stick around all week. They're calling for rain or overcast skies all through the week from Wednesday till Sunday. However, they don't seem to be too confident about it, so let's keep our fingers crossed that the forecast will take a turn for the better...

The other day, I was riding home from work and suddenly I got that feeling that my tire was a bit soft. I looked at my rear tire and, sure enough, it had lost a bit of air-which I thought was weird, because I'd just pumped it up only a few days before that. I figured I'd just fill it up the next time I went into work (I've got an air pump at work). However, within the next few hundred metres, it'd lost all its air. Luckily it happened almost right in front of Asahi Cycle and I was able to stop and refill my tire. I checked for hissing and didn't hear anything, so I thought that maybe I had just left the valve a little loose or something and carried on my way.

Unfortunately, within a kilometre or so, the tire had gone flat again. I was about a kilometre or so from home, so I just sucked it up and rode the last little bit on a flat tire. Luckily, Kanagaki Cycle near my house is open till 8pm.

And this is where I learned something new about Japan. When a Japanese repairman is fixing something of yours, you can predict how much it's going to cost based on the number of times he sucks his breath in and cocks his head to the side...ha ha! Have you ever experienced this?

Usually in Japan, you can take your bike to a bike shop with a flat tire and they'll fix it within 15 minutes and it'll set you back 1000 yen. However, this time the repairman turned his head to the side and sucked his breath in twice and it cost me 2000 yen. So, now I learnt that for every time he sucks his breath in through his teeth, it costs you an extra 1000 yen! Ha ha! You can times this by ten if you're getting a car repaired or by 100 if you're having repairs done at home...ha ha! 

So, next time you have some work done and the repairman does that, you can expect the bill to be more than you expected...

Have a great day!

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