It's a conspiracy...

Good morning everyone,

I don't know about you, but I got absolutely drenched yesterday when I was heading between Hachobori and Kokutaiji. It doesn't take very long to get between the two, but it was long enough for me to get soaked to the skin. We'll see some rain later today as well and then off and on again tomorrow and Monday. So, when is the next time we may actually see the sun?! According to the weatherman, it'll be the end of next week-Thursday or Friday at the earliest. The good news is that the coolest it's going to get is 15C-not 13C as they were originally predicting.

Do you remember last week when I told you about the bakery across from my school closing? Well, after it closed I was wracking my brain to figure out where I could go for a coffee break in the afternoon. And then it dawned on me that I could head to my old favourite haunt. The Tully's at Tabi-kan. I used to go there 2 or 3 times a week before I got my own water cooler (which is also heats water) and could start making my own coffee.

Anyway, I decided to go to that Tully's and re-live the 'old glory days'. However, as I got closer and closer, it was becoming more and more apparent that it was also closed. The shutters were half down and all the Tully's signs had been covered over.  I think that someone really, really doesn't want me drinking so much coffee or eating so many pastries! Ha ha!

Actually, it looks like the whole building is closed. Maybe they're going to tear it down or do some major renovations...

So, with both those shops having closed within a week, I can now no longer go for a coffee without having to cross a major intersection. It sounds like a small inconvenience (and it is) but it means that I can't just pop out for a coffee anymore. I guess the good news is that I'll probably save money and lose weight at the same time! Ha ha!

I know what you're about 'Doutour'? Doutour is fine-the coffee is cheap and the sandwiches are better than the average Japanese coffee shop. But they have a stinky smoking section, like Seattle's Best Coffee, so neither of those are an option for me unless I can sit outside...

Looks like I'll be having instant coffee and PB&J as my afternoon tea for a while...ha ha!

Have a great day!

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