Reporting the olds

Good morning everyone,

I don't know about you, but it was freezing last night on the way home on my bicycle. I think I'll be wearing my thicker vest today. Today will see a high of 17C, which doesn't sound too bad, but it's still a couple of degrees cooler than the average for this time of year. Tomorrow will be cold and rainy and then we should see warm and sunny weather for the weekend.

I can't find anything interesting in the news today beyond a Canadian who has come to Japan to enter the sumo ranks, which I'm sure I've written about before. The only other stuff in the news is the same as it has been for the past year-lovers' spats that turn deadly; Okinawans complaining about the American base; the government trying to convince us that the economy is improving, even though it isn't; and PM Abe trying to militarize Japan. Did I miss anything? Oh yeah. Korea and China don't like Japan and vice versa. I think that pretty much covers it, don't you? Ha ha! Sometimes the news here sounds like a broken record, don't you think?
I really wonder if being a reporter in Japan is the easiest job in the world. They don't have to actually do any research, all they need to do is rehash some old news in a slightly newer perspective and they're done for the day. That gives them the whole day free to surf the net or hang out at cafes. Hmmm...maybe I'm in the wrong profession! Ha ha!

Of course I'm happy that I'm living in a country as safe as Japan where there are so few violent crimes that it's difficult to come up with new news. That's why we get a lot of 'olds' in our newspapers here. People often don't want 'news' anyway, it's too scary! Olds make us feel safe-that the world is exactly how we imagine it. Too much news stresses us out! Ha ha!

Have you heard any olds recently? I'm going to start asking my students, "What's old?" Ha ha!

Have a great day!

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