Nice to see that common sense prevailed

Good morning everyone,

To answer your question, yes, it's going to rain pretty much all day...And, yes it's only going to get up to 14C. Not exactly warm, is it? The good news is that it's going to finally warm up for good on the weekend as we will see both days get up to 20C and then next week we'll see morning lows around 10C and daytime highs climbing to the mid-20s. Don't ask me if it's going to rain at all next week, I don't want to talk about the rain anymore! Ha ha!

I'm sure you've heard about the wrongful death suit that has been making its way through the courts. Here's a refresher in case you missed it. A young boy was playing soccer with his friends and kicked the ball towards the goal. However, he missed the goal and the ball sailed over the fence and into the path of an 85 year old man who was riding a scooter and swerved to miss the ball and fell down and broke his leg. Then the man the man got pneumonia and died a year and a half later.

And then the man's relatives sued the parents of the kid for 10 million yen.

I forget exactly how the case progressed through the different courts, but the first court rejected the suit and then the next levels awarded the family the damages before finally making it all the way to the Supreme Court where it was announced yesterday that they had rejected the claims by the man's relatives. In their decision, they said it was impossible for the parents to be held responsible for the actions of a ball that was kicked towards a goal and happened to bounce in the path of a guy on a scooter who then happened to crash and then happened to break his leg and happened to catch pneumonia and die.

Those are way too many variables to make a parent responsible for. If they had lost, parents would just all lock their kids up in their house and never let them play outside again!

I totally agree with the Supreme Court's decision-the only people who benefitted from the case were the lawyers. I understand the anger or frustration on the part of the relatives of the old man, but they couldn't have seriously believed that the parents were somehow responsible, could they?

What do you think? Should the parents have been held responsible?

Have a great day!

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