Now it's time to wean...

Good morning everyone,

Do you like rain? If you do, you're going to enjoy the next two days. There's an 80% chance of rain for today and a 90% chance of rain tomorrow...normally I'd be so annoyed, but this weekend is no problem. I have no plans today and I'm ecstatic about that! Ha ha! From Tuesday, it should clear up and we'll see nice weather for the rest of the week...

I've been working my fingers to the bone recently...well, to be honest, work hasn't been that hard. Just tiring...

And being tired sucks. What's the best way to not be tired? Well, take a holiday or get a good night's sleep, right? We all know that. But what if you don't have time to do either?

The answer: coffee.

For a lot of people, their mornings start with coffee and I am one of the other group of people-I'm a morning person. I couldn't understand why someone would need coffee to get up in the morning.

Now I understand. I'm still a morning person, but these past few weeks have helped me gain a new love for coffee. I've been mainlining the stuff for about a month. I swear I've been drinking about a litre a day! Ha ha!
coffee iv

A lot of Japanese people have asked me over the years what my blood type was. Now I finally have the answer:
coffee blood type
Ha ha! That's how I feel actually! I swear that when I sweat or pee, I must smell like coffee! ha ha!

But now things at work should slow down a bit and I plan on weaning myself off of coffee. Not completely, I like having a cup while doing the crossword puzzle in the morning, but I won't be drinking it all day any more.

I've heard that trying to cut down on caffeine, the ingredient that makes coffee so great, is like trying to stop smoking or cut down on sugar. It makes you grumpy. It gives you headaches. It makes you feel lethargic. Hmmm...none of those sound like very much fun...maybe I'll quit drinking coffee tomorrow! Ha ha!

Have a great day!

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A friend of mine drinks no less than ten cups of coffee every day.
She admits that she is addicted to caffeine.  So I guess her blood type is coffee, too ! Mine? Boiled water !! Sounds healthy? ha,ha.v-365