Who is Fuchiko?

Good morning everyone,

I perfectly timed the weather yesterday to head to Al Park just when it wasn't raining and then spent the rest of the day attached to the sofa. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get up to go to bed! It looks like if I won't be able to beat the rain today...it's pouring out there. But I might be able to wait it out. There's a chance it will stop raining in the afternoon. Tomorrow will start out cloudy and then the sun will come out and it should be nice for the rest of the week with blue skies and highs around 23C every day.

I feel like I've talked about 'koppu no Fuchiko' before...do you remember? I've got this inkling that I have. But if you're worried that I might be losing my mind-don't. I've already lost it! A long, long, long time ago! Ha ha! Seriously, if you're back in Canada and reading this, you're probably wondering what the heck I'm talking about.

Here is 'koppu no Fuchiko'...

Now, this isn't big news. She has been popular in Japan for a few years now and there are-literally-hundreds of different poses and outfits you can find her in.

What I want to show you today are two that will start to be sold in Tokyo Hands this Saturday...
cup fujiko carp2 
cup fujiko carp1
That's right! Now all of you 'Carp girls' can feel relieved that Fuchiko is also a 'Carp Girl'!

Again, for those of you back home, the Hiroshima Carp is the name of the local professional baseball team and they are similar to the Toronto Maple Leafs. They never win. But they have been experiencing a renaissance in the past 2 or 3 years and now stadiums all over Japan are filled with fans cheering for the Carp-many of them young women. Why? Well, the most popular theory is that the Carp team has a lot of young, good-looking players which attract the female fans. These fans are affectionately known as Carp-joshi, or Carp Girls in English.

And now 'Koppu no Fuchiko' has jumped on the band wagon too. And I must admit, it's a pretty neat figurine...but I won't be buying one...it's just not me to collect things.

How about you? Will you be getting one?

Have a great day!

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