My sacrifice for you...

Good morning everyone,

Did you survive the last two days of rain? I almost didn't! When it started to rain again yesterday around 3ish, I was so annoyed! But now I look outside at the blue skies and knowing that the weather will be nice for the next 4 or 5 days and I can forget about the crappy weather from the last 4 or 5 days weeks months! ha ha! It'll be sunny all week with highs around 23C.

Did you know that Godiva has soft-serve ice cream? Well, I found out last week and I knew that the next time I went to Al Park I would have to try it. Not for me. No, no, no. I did it for all of you. That way, if it wasn't very good, then I would have saved you the money, right? Of course!
godiva soft ice cream

It comes in three different flavours-white chocolate, chocolate chocolate and mixed. It comes in a waffle cone which is dipped in chocolate and then sprinkled with chocolate bits and then drizzled with chocolate sauce. Finally, a small chocolate square is stuck in the ice cream to remind you that you got it from Godiva (as if you could ever forget!) I went for the mixed one...

Well, I took the sacrifice while I was there yesterday and I have to say that even if I had done a blind taste-test, I would have known it's from Godiva. It's everything you'd expect from that company.

It was creamy, smooth, rich and chocolaty!

Oh, and a little came to 475 yen with tax..

But it was worth every penny!

I know I didn't need the sugar or the calories, but I did it for you...I didn't enjoy it all (ha ha!) was a big sacrifice I took, just to do some research for all of my students...ha ha!

If you go to Al Park and feel like having something sweet, the money you spend at Godiva will be much better spent than dropping the same 500 on a scone or other frozen food from Starbucks...

Have a great day!

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