If I had the time and money...

Good morning everyone,

I have to say that even though I wasn't really paying attention, I have to say that the rainy spring was kind of stressing me out. Having sunny weather and knowing that it's going to be around for a while is so relaxing to know...and it will be sticking around for at least the next week or so. We can expect mostly sunny weather and temperatures in the low to mid 20s for the foreseeable future...nice...

I'm sure almost everyone reading my blog has struggled with keeping in shape. For some people, it means keeping the weight off, for others it may mean trying to put some weight on (I'm so jealous of you!) and for others, they may be more interested in building muscle or maybe just toning up...for me, I've gone through a few of the stages...in my teens I was trying to put weight on, then trying to bulk up with muscle in my early to mid 20s. After coming to Japan, I went to the gym to just tone my muscles and then after spending a few years in Tohoku eating and drinking like a madman, I spent a few years trying to run the weight off. Now I want to put a little muscle back on...

And if I had the time and money, I'd definitely try Rizap. Have you heard of it? Or seen the commercials on tv?

Here are a couple of pictures to get you motivated...

rizap group men
rizap group women
It requires a two-month commitment, but just looking at the results made me want to check out the website to see how much going there would set me back...and after finding out, I decided that I'd better buy a few more lottery tickets for the summer jumbo before I think about going to Rizap! Two months of training will set you back about 350,000 yen not including the cost of food or other items that you may need. I have no idea what else you may need-I stopped reading as soon as I saw the price! Ha ha!

It is tempting though. Not because I think it's some miracle cure for the battle of the bulge or for the dramatic results that people experience. For me, the temptation is learning about how to eat and live healthier day-to-day. If I can learn some tips from them, it might help me make better eating and exercise decisions in the future.

Maybe I should start a 'crowdfunding campaign' to see if I can earn enough money to do it...Anyone want to pitch in?

If you're tempted to check it out, here's the website address:
www.rizap.jp  And if you decide to join up, tell them it was because of me! Maybe they'll give me a free month trial...ha ha!

Have a great day!

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