A foot bath...

Good morning everyone,

It was another gorgeous day yesterday and today and the rest of the week will be pretty much the same. The forecast for Golden Week is looking a bit murky though. It may rain Monday or Tuesday or both or neither...we really can't say. It's kind of up in the air at the moment...enjoy the nice weather till then...I know I will be! And keep your fingers crossed that the forecast changes between now and then!

Speaking of forecasts, the weather in Izumo was great! I was worried that it might be rainy or overcast-you know what I mean, the San-in area is like Vancouver, if it's not raining, it either just stopped or is about to start...Ha ha! Because of the winds blowing off of the Japan Sea, they get a lot of rain and clouds. But not for the two days we were there! I think we got a little sunburnt to be honest...sitting outside on the patio...having a beer...it was so tough! Ha ha!

Then we got to Tamatsukuri Hot Spring. It was a typical quiet hot spring resort town. There was a nice walking path along the river, some shops selling local crafts and the one thing that every hot spring area seems to need...lots of 'snacks'. If you're not Japanese and hear there are lots of 'snacks', nobody would blame you for being confused. However, in Japan, 'snack' is used to describe a bar where you go and pay exorbitant prices for drinks which are served with nuts or chocolate and talked to by young (or youngish) women or new-halfs (but that's a topic for another blog).
Or, if you're like us, you'll go for a walk around the area and stick your feet in pools of water...hot spring water that is. After last weekend, I don't think I'll ever go to another hot spring town that doesn't have free public foot baths. They were definitely the highlight of the trip! Not the food. Not the hotel. Not the mixed hot spring. Nope. None of those. The thing we talked about most on the bus ride home was how great it was to have foot paths all over town and how we wished they had them in Hiroshima!
foot bath
If they had them in Hiroshima, I'd probably move to be closer to one! Hmmm...I wonder if there are any vacant apartments in Tamatsukuri...

Have a great day!

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