It's all your fault!

Good morning everyone!

Just so you know-if you see me wearing shorts this morning, it won't be because I'm a strange'll be because the high today is expected to be 27C! I wouldn't care if it was January-if the weatherman was calling for a high of 27C, I'd be wearing shorts! So, you'll see my sexy legs today, tomorrow and Sunday if you're somewhere between here and Hachobori today or tomorrow or in a town called Futashika on Sunday. Monday is looking like rain, unfortunately...

I was getting my bicycle tire repaired the other day and while I was waiting for the guy to finish it, the phone rang. I wish I had of recorded his conversation because his Japanese was so polite. I don't think I've ever had anyone speak to me so politely over the phone. And I definitely do not speak to callers to my school with such polite, yet unflowery, Japanese. (What I mean by unflowery is that polite Japanese tends to get a bit fake sounding if you overuse, almost like it's forced and unnatural.)

And I blame you! By 'you', I mean all Japanese people but my students in particular who always tell me that my phone Japanese is almost perfect. Ha ha!

I realized at the time that you were just basically kissing up, but I wanted to believe you. I want my Japanese to be so much better! So, I convinced myself that my Japanese was getting better little by little.

It ain't.

Not even close!

I really want to hit the books again, but after having lived here for over ten years, my Japanese level is very unbalanced. My listening is basically perfect (sometimes I can't understand all the words, but I can always get the picture) and my ability to communicate is good-I can get my point across-but not naturally. I'm seriously lacking in vocabulary and grammar.

So, in the past, I tried to study the basics again to fill in the gaps in my Japanese. It didn't work. I just got bored and gave up.

Then I tried to go for something a bit harder and tried to read a newspaper. It didn't work. It was way too hard and I gave up.

What's left? I think I need to seriously consider forking over the cash and going to a proper Japanese school. Or maybe I'll look into 'Speed Learning' for Japanese...Please, whatever you do, don't buy 'Speed Learning'. I'm living proof that just listening to a language isn't enough to make you a good speaker! ha ha!

What do you think I should do? Hit the books again? Go for the basics to improve the foundations of my Japanese? Go for the new stuff to build on what I already know? Go to a school and learn from a professional teacher? Find a cute, young(ish) girl to do a language exchange with? Any other ideas?

Have a great day!

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