How did you spend your Golden Week?

Good morning everyone,

So, it's raining. I suppose, for most of us, it is fitting that it's raining today because that how we feel about having to go to work...ha ha! Yeah, they were calling for rain today all week, but then they changed it yesterday to a sunny forecast for today and now it's back to sunny with rainy periods. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice and then we will see some clouds rolling in on the weekend before giving way to rain on Monday and Tuesday.

Golden Week is kind of stressful, isn't it? Everywhere is so crowded. Everything is so expensive. And then, to top it off, when you get back to work or school, you have to come up with something 'cool' to tell your co-workers or classmates. Don't you feel like there's a kind of competition to see who had the best Golden Week?

Well, I can tell you that I would definitely lose-I didn't do anything particularly exciting. But I could care less. The 4 days I had off were exactly what I needed-a mix of hanging out with friends and spending some quiet time at home. Yeah, I probably drank a bit too much beer-but only a bit-and that would be the only thing I'd beat myself up about this Golden Week holiday.

Maybe it's because I'm not Japanese (not yet anyway...LOL), but I find it way easier to ignore the pressure of doing 'something fun' during Golden Week'. Or it might be because we're living in Hiroshima-far away from the pressure-cooker life in Tokyo where people feel the need to fill every waking moment of Golden Week with something 'fun'.

Either way-my apartment is super clean and I'm super relaxed, so I'm chocking up this Golden Week as a good one!

How about you? How was your Golden Week holiday?

Have a great day!

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