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It looks like today and tomorrow are going to experience nice weather-both days are expecting highs of 25C and sunny weather. Clouds may roll in late Monday as we begin to see some effects from the typhoon passing south of us. Tuesday will rain and be a fair bit cooler (again, due to the typhoon) before it warms up again on Wednesday and for the rest of the week...

Are you one of those people who enjoys having a glass of whiskey at home? Or maybe you prefer shochu? Either way, having one of these glasses will make drinking it a lot more fun!
tajima fuji glass1 
These drinking glasses with a 3-D image of Mount Fuji carved into the base have created a buzz at home and abroad (meaning China, but hey, it still counts as 'abroad', right?).

The Fuji Glass won the Japan Tourism Agency’s commissioner award at the Japan Souvenir Grand-Prix 2015 in January.

It is produced by Tajima Glass and was released in February, and orders took off a month later after the Fuji Glass was featured on a Japanese television program. The miniature 3-D Mount Fuji at the bottom of the glass changes color depending on the contents.

tajima fuji glass

Inquiries started pouring in from China after images of the flat-bottomed tumbler glasses began spreading on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter.

Founded in 1956 in Tokyo’s Edogawa Ward, Tajima Glass is a small company that produces hand-crafted Edo Glass, a style the government has designated as a traditional craft product. Tajima’s products are mainly sold at department stores, but some of its items are also marketed on online stores, such as Le noble, that sell Western tableware. The Fuji Glass is crafted by hand, so Tajima’s artisans can create only up to 300 glasses a day. Because of the high demand, delivery of the glasses can take more than 45 days after the orders are placed.

The Fuji Glass is available in two types of tumbler glasses: a short low-ball glass used for cocktails and mixed drinks on the rocks, and a taller table glass for serving iced tea and other beverages. Each glass is priced at 5,400 yen ($45), tax included.

What do you think? Are you prepared to pay 5,400 yen and wait up to 45 days for that glass?  As a gift (hint, hint), it'd be great, but there's no way I'd ever pay that much money for a glass for my myself...

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