Gearing up

Good morning everyone,

Did you enjoy the nice weather over the weekend? I certainly did. Today is going to be a fair bit cooler with a high of only 19C and rain later in the day. Luckily, they are now calling for the rain to only last for today and we'll wake up to cloudy skies tomorrow which will clear up and turn sunny. And then it'll be sunny for the rest of the week. And hot too! The high tomorrow is going to b 28C! I might have to turn on my A/C...

Yesterday, I decided to pop into Ryoko Tennis Club in Kanon to check out the prices and schedule. I can't decide whether I want to take lessons or just join a club to hit the ball around, but I can say one thing for sure-playing tennis is expensive in Japan! Just for renting the court they want you to pay between $20 and $30 an hour depending on whether you want to play on an indoor court or an outdoor one. That is a lot of money just for renting a small piece of land with a net across it. Even if you divide it by two or four, it's still pricey, don't you think? Because, let's be honest, no one rents a tennis court for only an hour. With four people playing, you'd use it for a couple of hours at least. So now, you're talking $15 per person just to use the court. For those of you who've got a bit money, that may not sound like much, but for us poor people, that is a lot of money! Especially if you play a couple of times a adds up!

So, I will not be joining Ryoko Tennis Club anytime soon...unless I win the lottery...then maybe I'll consider it...

However, there's a public course only a 1-minute bike ride away from Ryoko that charges a much more reasonable $5 per hour. When you times that by two and then divide by four, you're only paying $2.50 for a couple of hours of tennis-that's less than what a can of beer will set you back. Now, that I can I just need to convince my friends that we don't need to join a tennis club...

Either way, I'll be poor after today, because I'm going to buy some tennis gear at Xebio. I won't be buying the nicest stuff-hell no! I'll probably buy the stuff that's one step above the cheapest (just because I don't wanna' look like a cheap bastard...ha ha!). Even with buying stuff that's on sale and only buying the bare necessities-shoes, racquet, shorts and balls-I'll still be a couple of hundred dollars poorer than I am right now...I'm going for this look...what do you think?
tennis style 1

Does anyone have a newish tennis racquet that's just lying around gathering dust that they want to donate to their favourite English teacher? Ha ha!

Have a great day!

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