Mazda's cool new ride

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Did you enjoy the nice weather this past week? I know I did! However, that's it for the next couple of days. It's going to start raining later today and continue into tomorrow morning and both today and tomorrow will see highs of only 24C. From Monday it'll clear up and highs in the high 20s are expected to return for most of the week.

Have I ever told you that my first car ever was a Mazda? It was a Mazda 323-but in Japan you call it 'Familia'. It certainly wasn't the coolest car in the world, but it got me from 'A' to 'B' and was awesome on gas!

You wouldn't think that the company that made that cheap, economy car would be the same one that produced this:
mazda miata
Mazda has released the 4th generation of the Miata. It's called the MX-5 now and in Japan it's called a 'Roadster'. But whatever you call it, it's a pretty cool-looking car for the price, don't you think?
Mazda Motor Corp. said Wednesday that it will launch the fourth-generation model of its Roadster two-seat convertible sports car on Thursday. It has been fully remodeled for the first time in 10 years and features a dynamic design and the automaker's Skyactiv fuel-efficiency technology.

The new model will be sold in North America, Europe and Australia, as well as Japan. The Roadster is known as the MX-5 overseas. The all-new Roadster for the Japanese market has a 1,500-cc engine and is equipped with a six-speed manual transmission or an automatic transmission.

Oh, and it doesn't look anything like my old 323. I definitely wouldn't have had any problems finding a girlfriend back in my high school days if I'd had a Mazda MX-5...

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