Starbucks Takes Over Japan!

Good morning everyone,

Were you like me and carried around rain stuff all day yesterday waiting for the rain that they had forecast? I had a hat, rain jacket and rain pants in my bag and it never rained. I suppose it's better than the alternative...but even can they forecast  an 80% chance of rain and then it was basically clear. maybe it was a little overcast, but it never looked like it was going to rain. 

Today is going to be sunny and warm with a high of 26C, tomorrow will be the same and then it'll get up to the high 20s for the middle of the week. As of right now, they aren't calling for any rain this week...

I'm sure it was just a short time ago that I was making a joke about Tottori being the only prefecture in Japan without a Starbucks. Was it? Or is it just my imagination? Anyway, I can't do it anymore...
starbucks tottori

Starbucks finally opened in Tottori City on Saturday morning. Tottori Prefecture was the final frontier for the popular coffee shop chain that now has more than 1,000 stores in Japan’s 47 prefectures. About 1,000 people lined up for the opening...

Japanese media reported that customers started lining up from around noon on Friday. Sports Nippon reported that at least 150 people set up camp outside the 71-seat store overnight hoping to be first into the store that opened at 6:55 a.m.

The store is located near JR Tottori Station.

Meanwhile, local coffeehouse chain Sunaba Coffee, whose name is almost an exact copy of Starbucks’ Japanese nickname, is promising half-off discounts on blend coffee for anyone who comes in with a receipt from “the American coffee shop.” During the campaign from May 23 until May 27, it is also offering a full refund to any customer who says Starbucks’ coffee tastes better than Sunaba’s.

If Tottori is so boring that opening Starbucks leads to over 1,000 people lining up, then it's kind of easy to understand why one didn't open sooner...or is it just me? Or, on the other hand, maybe it's a good idea to open up a Starbucks in an area where there isn't anything else to do...that way there's no real competition...

Either way, when I eventually make it to Tottori to see the sand dune and old camel, I'll pop in to 'Sunaba' not 'Sutaba'. I like to try new things and I can get Starbucks here in Hiroshima!

Have a great day!

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