Cup Noodles from Heaven

Good morning everyone,

The gorgeous weather will continue for the rest of the week with highs in the high 20s and we may even see the thermometer climb up to 30 in the middle of the week. Saturday and Sunday aren't looking nearly as nice, with a chance of rain both days...

I'm sure I've told you this before, but when I first came to Japan, my apartment was tiny and my kitchen was just a single electric burner with a sink just big enough to hold a bowl and a spoon (if the bowl was small). So, needless to say I didn't cook much at home...that was her job...wait?! Who is she? And what is she doing in my kitchen!? Ha ha!
small kitchen

I also didn't have much money, which left me with little option other than having cup noodles almost every day. Then I moved to a nicer place and started cooking and didn't touch cup noodles for years and years and years...

Then, someone told me about 'Tom Yum Kun' Cup Noodles.
tom yam kung cup noodles 

Have you tried them? I hadn't heard of them till a week or so ago, but apparently they've been out for a while. When they were first introduced in Japan, they were a huge hit and were sold out instantly. You couldn't find them anywhere. Now you can get them at Yamaya and I saw them at my local supermarket on Sunday as well.

If you like Cup Noodles or Tom Yun Kun, I highly recommend these. In fact, even if you don't like Tom Yun Kun, I recommend them! They've got just enough spice and that sour taste that you can find in Tom Yum Kun, but not so much that it makes them too spicy or strong. 

I think I'll order a box of them, just to have in the house for emergencies...or for those days when I just can't be bothered to cook dinner!

Have a great day!

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