Lucky day or unlucky day?

Good morning everyone,

I'm not sure if it's official, but I'd say rainy season is here...not that we are expecting rain today. However, it's going to be cloudy and/or rainy all week. But the main reason I think rainy season has begun is because the forecast every day says, "a chance of ...". When it's rainy season, the weatherman can never say what it's going to do with any, it may or may not rain every day this week.

Because I'm one of those people who tends to look on the bright side of life, I'm going to say that I had a pretty good day yesterday, despite this...

Can you see what's wrong with my bike? Yeah, it's in two pieces. Generally, that makes bicycles very difficult to ride...ha ha! How could I possibly feel 'lucky' after that? 

Well, for starters, it happened when I was riding uphill, so I wasn't going very fast and when the frame snapped I just kind of put my feet down and that was about it. I've got a couple of bumps and bruises-on one leg where my pedal scraped the back of my leg and on my other leg where the handlebars banged my knee. And that's it. How lucky am I!? I checked online and most people suffer broken bones or worse when their bicycle frame breaks.

It happened when I was just heading up the small slope at Aioi Bridge, so I decided to carry it to Kanagaki in Yokogawa. I'm glad I did. My first instinct was to just leave it there and walk to Kanagaki, but carrying it was the right call.

I got to Kanagaki and the first bicycle mechanic just looked at it. He seemed to be at a loss for words, so I tried to break the ice with a joke-bad idea...I asked him if he could fix it in the next few minutes. Not the best idea...he didn't get the joke and I had to listen to a lecture on why bicycle frames can't be repaired for about 2 or 3 minutes before he understood that I was only joking...ha ha! Anyway, it turns out that it was the second time that that brand of bike had been brought in with a snapped frame. so it went very smoothly. They just took my name and number and gave me a loaner. They asked me if I wanted the company to send me a replacement bike (the same one again) or if I'd rather get my money back and buy a different kind of bike.

At first I was humming and hawing about which to do, until they mentioned that it was the second time they had seen it happen (they didn't say it at first). After that, it was easy to decide. I was lucky I was going uphill the first time, but I shudder to think what might have happened if I had been going downhill.

That bike was kind of cool-looking and we've shared so many memories...but, you know, when the frame snaps on you, it might be time to move on...ha ha!

So, now I have to wait to hear from Kanagaki about what my choices are...until then, I'll be cruising along on an old shopping bike. But I'll give that shopping bike one thing-it has a really soft seat!

Have a great day!

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