Balloon Art PTSD

Good morning everyone,

Did you enjoy the gorgeous weather on the weekend? I did for a bit yesterday, but I had to work...more on that later. I hope you did, because there are no sunny days in the forecast for the foreseeable future. Of course, this is rainy season, so it could, and probably will, change regularly. Today is looking like it's going to start to rain some point after lunch and continue for the rest of the day, so don't forget to take your umbrella with you! as you all know, I'm helping out a kid's school called, 'Epoca Kids'. It's going well. I'm enjoying the new experience. I hadn't taught kids for ages, so that part is great. Kids can be so rejuvenating. I wonder if that's why our parents want us to give them grandkids-they love the energy they get from them. Anyway, there was a special event held by a free monthly magazine for parents called, "Maman & Pere" in Shoko Centre yesterday and we had a booth at it.

There were a ton of different schools there along with other companies that cater towards young families-homebuilders, bottled water companies, kids' educational toy makers. In order to make their booths stand out, everyone tried to come up with some kind of activity or game for kids. We had two-face painting and balloon art.

Well, if any of you know me, you'll know that art is not my cup of tea. I can't even colour inside the lines! Ha ha! (You know-children's colouring books is one way to teach kids how to colour by 'keeping inside the lines'...I still haven't mastered that! Ha ha!) This meant that I was relegated to balloon art duty-including wearing a silly balloon hat like this one...
balloon hat

Can you see me in a hat like that? Me neither! Anyway, there I was...wearing that hat and making balloons. Seeing as it was my first time to do balloon art, I wasn't that confident. Luckily, kids don't really have much of an idea about what we can make from balloons, so I only made 4 different kinds of things for them-an Anpanman wrist band for the younger kids, a sword, a heart and a dog.

To be honest, Anpanman takes the longest time and requires the most skill, so I was fired from that duty quickly and put in charge of swords. Swords are easy! If you ever need someone to make a sword out of a balloon, then I'm your man!

However, don't ask me to make one any time soon. My fingers are killing me! Tying balloons is really hard on your hands. The tips of my fingers are so sore that I probably couldn't play tennis today even if the weather was nice...I won't be disappointed if I never see another dog, sword or heart made from balloons ever again...

Have a great day!

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