I'm STILL a marketer's dream...

Good morning everyone,

The weather today isn't looking too bad...we may see the occasional period of rain, but it's supposed to be mostly cloudy and then tomorrow will be nice before the rain returns on Thursday. Highs all week will be in the mid to high 20s. Temperatures are starting to creep up...I may have to turn on my A/C at work this week. Actually, I'm amazed that I haven't had to use it yet-I usually need it once or twice even in May!

Do you ever go to convenience stores? Of course you do! They're everywhere in Japan! You can always tell what country you're in by what's on the corner of the main street. In the US, you'll find a bar on every street corner and in Canada you'll find a bank, but in Japan, you'll find a convenience store. They're so different from back home. At first glance, they look pretty much the same, but there are two major differences. Back home, you couldn't pay me enough money to eat the prepared food at a convenience store and back home the convenience stores are quite a bit more expensive than supermarkets.

Here in Japan, they have great food. And their prices are comparable to those in supermarkets. In fact, if you look around, you can even find some things that are cheaper in the convenience stores.

But what makes me a marketer's dream? I have this weird thing about going into a convenience store that I always buy at least two things. Let's say that I'm thirsty and want a bottle of water-I pop into the nearest convenience store and pick up a bottle of water, and something else, and sometimes a couple of things. I don't feel hungry, but it's like I feel guilty for bothering them by only buying one thing, so I pick up something else that I neither need or want.

It's not 'impulse shopping' (although I am guilty of that at times too). I can't describe it really. But it is a fact. Last week after lunch I went to the convenience near my school to make some copies for a group class and I wasn't hungry or thirsty, but I took some extra money with me to pick something up and I usually buy something I don't need. I looked at ice cream, some chocolate bars, some salads (it's not all junk food) when I realized that I wasn't hungry or thirsty and walked out of the store without buying anything. It was a miracle!

At that point I realized that I must waste so MUCH money at those stores, so I've decided to make a rule for the rest of this year-I will decide what I'm going to buy BEFORE I go in the convenience store! 

I started making a shopping list when I go grocery shopping a couple of years ago and I guess it hasn't saved me that much money...a bit for sure. But it has meant that I throw out hardly any food these days. Hopefully, I can have the same kind of success with my convenience store shopping...

Have a great day!

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